Belgravia Gallery meet Nelson Mandela (Part I)

This short clip gives an introduction to the Belgravia Gallery which is run by mother and daughter duo Anna Hunter and Laura Walford and sets the stage for their morning with Nelson Mandela in 2002.

Belgravia Gallery meet Nelson Mandela (Part 2)

This short clip gives an introduction to the morning Anna Hunter and Laura Walford from Belgravia Gallery met Nelson Mandela in 2002.

Nelson Mandela Artwork Collection

In this clip you can see highlights of the Nelson Mandela artwork collection which can be viewed on our website here.

Nelson Mandela

Anna Hunter discussing the signed lithographs by Nelson Mandela, available through Belgravia Gallery.

Nelson Mandela talks about his lithographs, Robben Island, February 2003

‘When it came to recreating visions of Robben Island, I needed to share this rich experience of culture which to me has a very special meaning. When I initially did the sketches in black chalk the images looked quite bleak.

Full Signing Session video, Nelson Mandela lithographs

October 2012 – Finally, 10 years after this video was filmed by Laura Walford at Nelson Mandela’s home in Johannesburg, we have uploaded the full, hour-long recording with subtitles and it is now available for viewing.

Nelson Mandela lithograph signing session, December 2002

In this 15-minute video, Nelson Mandela can be seen signing his lithographs at his home in Johannesburg.

Nelson Mandela signing session, December 2002 (short clip)

This is a very short clip of a morning session Anna Hunter and Laura Walford had at Nelson Mandela’s home in Johannesburg in December 2002.

The Sebastian Hunter Memorial Trust

This is a video of our charity projects in India played at our fundraising event in June 2012 at Bunga Bunga bar and restaurant.

HRH Prince Charles at Blenheim Palace

Anna Hunter discussing the Royal Art collection held by Belgravia Gallery, here displayed in the beautiful setting of Blenheim Palace.

Royal Art Exhibition opening, Singapore, September 2012

Belgravia Gallery is delighted to be working in collaboration with Art Trove in Singapore on this wonderful and unique collection.

Sir Peter Blake Godfather of British Pop Art

Sir Peter Blake discussed his exhibition at Belgravia Gallery with Anna Hunter.

Belgravia Gallery – Artists

Here you can see an introduction to some of our artists such as Nelson Mandela, HRH The Prince of Wales, Maria Filopoulou, Charlie Mackesy and many more.

Anna Hunter talks to Susan Swartz

In this video gallery owner Anna Hunter discusses the Breath of Nature exhibition with artist Susan Swartz.

Godfrey Barker talks with Susan Swartz

In this video Art Critic Godfrey Barker discusses the exhibition ‘Breath of Nature’ with artist Susan Swartz.

Maria Filopoulou interview

Anna Hunter interviews Greek painter Maria Filopoulou about her London show, Instinct for Water.

Dion Salvador Lloyd

Gallery artist Dion Salvador Lloyd discusses his one-man show at the gallery with gallery owner Anna Hunter

Fragments of Time, Ben Dearnley

See sculptor Ben Dearnley hard at work in his studio carefully carving his latest work.

Petr Weigi

An exhibition of work by London-based artist Petr Weigl.

James Gemmill

James Gemmill and Anna Hunter show us around his one-man show at Belgravia Gallery.

Jake Sutton Meets Cherie Blair at Belgravia Gallery

Jacob Sutton, Anna Hunter, Alistair Campbell and Cherie Blair at Belgravia Gallery.

Russian Art

Belgravia Gallery has held numerous exhibitions of Russian Art, from both contemporary and Soviet-era artists and sculptors.

Belgravia Gallery

A video showing a general introduction to Belgravia Gallery and it’s diverse range of artists, this video also briefly shows Nelson Mandela signing his lithographs.

World Citizen Artists – Finalists video

Click here to view the video featuring the Private View of our finalists from the World Citizen Artists competition we hosted in December, 2014.

Susan Swartz – A Personal Path

Here we can see the opening night of the exhibition ‘A Personal Path’ by Susan Swartz. Inspired by the intersection of art, nature and spirituality, Swartz explores the landscape through potent colors and richly layered abstract paintings.

Nelson Mandela Art Exhibit at Gallery I, Jackson State University

Belgravia Gallery were deligted to work alongside Gallery 1 at the Jackson State University for this truly wonderful exhibition.
Watch the video and see amazing artworks by students of the University who through their work, celebrated Mandela and carried his message forward.

Jacob Sutton Paintings – Belgravia Gallery

Belgravia Gallery exhibits the artworks of British painter Jacob Sutton. Sutton’s works are vibrant -with use of a striking palette range, natural and painted with acute observation.

Art Advisory & Installation

Belgravia Gallery advises private individuals, interior designers and companies on acquiring new works by emerging & established artists. We can help facilitate the process of buying art for you or projects which you may be involved in. Our ultimate aim is to help you enjoy the art of your choice, and achieve the desired transformations of your home or space in a cost-efficient and a time-saving way.

Royal Art by Royal Artists – Belgravia Gallery

Belgravia Gallery exhibits Royal Art at Cranleigh Arts Centre Surrey, featuring signed lithographs by HRH The Prince of Wales, original etchings from the 1840’s by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, paintings by HRH Princess Louise, photographs by Lord Snowdon, vintage press photographs of Princess Diana and her children from the 1980’s – along with contemporary royal related pieces by Chris Levine & Sir Peter Blake.

20 Years of Mandela’s Inspirational Art

On this day, 7th February 2003, 20 years ago, Belgravia Gallery had the honour of hosting a very elegant dinner in the former games room on Robben Island. Here, the first series of Robben Island and the two Hand of Africa editions were launched with Mr Mandela as the guest of honour. The world’s press, various dignitaries and clients attended what was the most memorable dinner of our lives.