Starting a Collection


Starting a Collection

Buying art is not always as easy as walking into an art gallery or art fair and picking up the first painting you like. In reality, shopping for your first piece of art can be a rather intimidating, if not terrifying experience. How to start? What to buy? Where to put it? Many people need help and advice in order to answer these questions and here at Belgravia Gallery we try to make the whole experience as painless and joyful as possible.

We spend time with clients and get to know personal tastes and preferences. We have art that ranges from under £1000 including framing and delivery, some by unknown artists and some by very well known names. We can arrange shipping and hanging and also do site visits to help advise and guide buyers through the experience, and we are here for any questions you may have following a purchase, such as insurance (we regularly provide insurance valuations for clients). 

We advise clients who are just starting to buy art to go out to galleries, museums, art fairs and see what they like – develop a taste for what they could live with and would like to see on their walls. Build up a relationship with a gallery whose work fits in with your own taste, and who can source particular artists for you if they don' stock them. 

Some buyers start from the point of having a space at home they want to fill. They know the size, style and price they are willing to spend and go in search of that. Others are horrified at this idea and buy what they love with a view to 'fnding' a space for it at home. Either way is fine, just try to have confidence in your judgement. 

Aside from investing in art, what we always try to ensure is that clients love the art they buy and will enjoy it for years to come. They say a house without a pet isn't a home, here we say that a house without art is not a home. Start small and build up from there – an art collection can take a lifetime to complete and can be enjoyed for many generations to come. 

Pictured – Anna, Laura and Lorraine at Belgravia Gallery all aim to make the gallery friendly, welcoming and approachable whether you have been buying art for years or are just starting your collection.