Monroe Hodder – Astroid Enigmas

Famingo Dreams - lo-res.jpg

Monroe Hodder – Astroid Enigmas

Monroe Hodder's new exhibition, Astroid Enigmas, will be exhibiting in Portland, Oregon until November 29th. 

Richard Speer writes of her latest works: "Monroe Hodder is known for her abstract oil paintings of boldly colored stripes, but in her new exhibition, she takes on a new motif: the spiral. Although her paint application is as creamy and luscious as ever, Hodder’s shapes have shifted; the stability conveyed by her erstwhile stripes has been turned on its head and spun around like a top. In pieces like Last Days of Downhill Drive, large, spiraling shapes evoke the churning of galaxies and black holes, pulling the viewer’s eye into the centripetal force of the composition. Meanwhile, in smaller pieces like Madame Cezanne, wedges of paint fill the picture plane with greens, blues and yellows in a veritable sonata of parallelograms. This is a looser, bubblier style than we’ve seen from Hodder, and it’s a welcome development."

For further information and to view her available works at Belgravia Gallery, please click here.

Image [left]: Monroe Hodder, Flamingo Dreams, oil on canvas, £14,000