Is there an art to investing in art?

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Is there an art to investing in art?

It is a common misconception, particularly in an economic climate like the one we face now, that you have to be rich to be an art collector.  Not so. 

The truth is that many collectors begin to buy art on tight budgets – the savvy start with modest works – perhaps drawings, limited edition prints or small scale paintings and even maquettes (a small scale rough draft or unfinished sculpture) by well known, well exhibited artists – or even larger scale works of unfashionable ones.  The often quoted example of Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber is an excellent illustration of this point.  Lloyd Webber began collecting Victorian Art in the 1960s when it was very unpopular and disparaged. Today, his collection of Pre Raphaelite art counts as one of the finest and most valuable in the world.

This aside, there are other excellent reasons why now could be the time to start your own collection of art and spend your hard earned cash on an ‘alternative’ investment.

Firstly, the principle of supply and demand is in your favour – there are bargains to be found, and made, as art buyers and general punters are tightening belts or not spending at all.

Also, buying a piece of art is exciting, even uplifting. The work you invest in is not just a monetary speculation, but an asset or financial value AND hopefully a beautifully crafted stunning work, or a ground breaking example of a genre, a fun dinner party talking point or all of those things.

What’s more, an art collection (be it two pieces or ten works) can form part of a portfolio of assets – modern portfolio theory promotes a varied selection of assets. Art, as a considered alternative, is becoming more attractive in this way and can offer potential returns in the medium and long term. Historically the art market has been opaque, cut off to all but a relative few knowledge connoisseurs, but new wealth in new markets have helped the global art market become more resilient and in turn, the UK market too.

Visit us to discuss your ideas about starting an art collection, we can advise and you never know, maybe even help you to buy your first piece – some of the Gallery artists’ have seen their prices soar particularly in the past decade. Start by browsing this website perhaps…