Petr Weigl

About Petr Weigl

Petr Weigl is an artist specialising in remarkable contemporary art pieces created in ceramic, concrete and metals. Son of a Czech émigré born in England, Petr trained as a graphic designer before following his muse and dedicating himself to ceramics at Central Saint Martin’s in 2001.

Petr finds inspiration from his past, present and how he perceives himself in the world. This predominantly breaks down into a fascination in people, psychology and our inherent interactions. Also and equally weighted the allure of 'mother nature', boasting her plethora of mathematical patterns; in imperfect perfection.

Each art piece transforms, magnifies and captures a complex blend of philosophy, emotion and self-reference. The works are striking and deceptively simple upon first glance, growing in complexity over refection revealing narratives within.

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