Monroe Hodder

b.1953 -

Bursting with colour and with a foundation of geometric structure, Monroe Hodder’s abstract paintings are gloriously bold. Inspired by the urban backdrops of her life in New York and London, Hodder is not afraid to play with a fully loaded palette and create the most wonderful colour juxtapositions.

After studying at Vasser, Hodder worked at the San Francisco Art Institute and the Arts Students’ League in New York. She taught painting at various schools in San Francisco, including the San Francisco Art Institute, where she rubbed shoulders with the likes of Clifford Still and Mark Rothko.
"My work is a child of minimalism but the rules are bent and the grid has gone awry. I paint in large, messy stripes that wobble around and go out of bounds. My interest is in the ways I can use colour inside and across bands. I like to confound myself with infinite possibilities, choosing a colour such as blue and running other hues over, under and right through it.”   Monroe Hodder 

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