Maria Filopoulou

Filopoulou was born in Athens in 1964.

She studied painting in Paris at the Ecole nationale supérieure des beaux-arts under Leonardo Cremonini between 1984-1988. Filopoulou continued with postgraduate studies at the same school, with a schol­ar­ship of the French Government, during the period 1988-1989 (lithography under Αbraham Hadad).

Her works are to be found in the National Gallery, in the Greek Parliament, and in private museums and collections in Greece and abroad.

Filopoulou's works are primarily based on Greece where she lives and works. Maria's works can be found in collection worldwide including London, Paris, New York, Florida, Beijing, Melbourne, Istanbul, Berlin and Nicosia. It remains consistent with the values ​​of figurative painting, focusing on people and the landscape. ... In Maria's words: "I paint experienced personal paradises, happiness, relaxation, union with nature, eroticism that bathers feel in the water. A happy interval that may have preceded or followed a difficult, unpleasant experience. I think that all existence is a delicate balance of the awareness - that happy moments are precious and we must recognize and appreciate them. So I paint the boundaries of happiness isolated from before and after. There is no time, only place. I feel like I'm creating a setting in which I live; and I want to invite the viewer to come in to share my own experience. Water is an antidote.

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