Leda Contogiannopoulou

Leda Contogiannopoulou’s work is an impressive example of Greek contemporary figurative painting. Leda's art pays attention to the European classical artistic traditions as well as her own cultural heritage. In addition to this, a deep self-analysis presence can also be found. Contogiannopoulou performs a subtle semiotic game: almost every her painting is a tribute or a hint to another classical work or motive. Hellenistic statues, Dutch paintings of Golden Age, a reflection of her studio in the mirror or a cezannesque still life are the usual elements of her common imagery. She uses cold palette of Vermeer and the classical manner of realists by carefully sculpting every object in the painting.

Leda Contogiannopoulou has achieved an outstanding quality of masterful and philosophical figurative art. Born in 1971 in Athens, Greece, Leda is a graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions and her works can be found in collections worldwide.

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