Keith Haring

Born in Pennsylvania, Keith Haring pursed his dream of becoming an artist by moving to New York at the age of 19 where he studied at the School of Visual Arts.Whilst in New York, he discovered an alternative art world existed in Subway stations, on the streets of New York and within nightclubs. Taking inspiration from graffiti artists, Haring soon became a popular artist & activist on the New York art scene. His colourful art, motifs & murals (which would usually react to social and political happenings or events), would be found in subway stations and on empty poster spaces so that they would be accessible for everyone. His pieces responded to the urgent issues of the time which included racism, homophobia, drug addiction, the environment & AIDS awareness in a style characterised by basic characters, vivid colours and bold lines. Throught this, his works became instantly recognisable & communicated and interacted with a diverse audience.Haring took part in several public projects during his relatively short art career and exhibited works in galleries and Museums worldwide.

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