Jurgen Schadeberg

Born in 1931 in Berlin, Jurgen Schadeberg, sometimes known as “The Father of South African Photography”, is a principle figure in South African and World Photography. His major body of work, which spans 70 years and incorporates a collection of some 200,000 negatives, captures a wealth of timeless and iconic images.

In 1950, he moved to South Africa to rejoin his family and was employed by Drum magazine in 1951 as official photographer and layout artist. He was one of the few white photographers who documented black life, capturing on film the Rise of the Freedom Movement, Apartheid Repression and the vibrancy of township life and culture.

Jurgen Schadeberg, in partnership with his wife Claudia Schadeberg, continues to actively work on new major photographic projects, books and exhibitions, to tour international shows and to make his own silver archival hand prints. He now works in Berlin, Paris, South Africa and Spain.

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