James Gemmill

The American artist & Bafta member James Gemmill, who now lives in Oxfordshire, England, started his career from early in life, winning his earliest state and national art prizes from an age as young as 15.

Since then, his artistic career has been wide-ranging, and he has worked in film (including the well-known The Da Vinci Code, Star Wars, Beauty and the Beast and Mary Poppins Returns*), television and design as well as in the more traditional context of gallery artist.

* The IMDB listing for James Gemmill has a more informative listing of his film credits.

Gemmill’s life as a working artist is now a culmination of the knowledge gained through studio painting, film art, design and being around engineers, clients and patrons. He never knows what images he might want to paint or will be asked to paint or create from one day to the next. The size, medium and location is always in flux. The possibilities are endless and exciting.

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