Hamza Hamadouche

Hamza Hamadouche was born in Algers, Algeria in 1970. He has worked and lived in London for the past 23 years.

Hamza expresses himself though the medium of paint and often has a theme in mind ready to be explored. Whilst exploring a particular theme, he allows himself to be led down new and unexplored routes as part of his creative process. Hamza approaches a blank canvas in the same frame of mind as a musician approaches a live performance. Spontaneity within the creative process is a vital ingredient as his “performance” develops, leading Hamaza to produce powerful and expressive pieces.

His work represented here, each capture a spirit and an intensity of feeling that was undoubtedly in the mind of their creator at the time of their creation but now, these canvases are left open for personal interpretation and re-interpretation with each new viewing.

Hamza Hamadouche Artwork For Sale