Hamza Hamadouche

b.1970 -

Hamza Hamadouche is a kind soul who fell in love with colour. As a young boy, Hamza witnessed the marriage of the different shades on a freshly painted house as they merged under the hot sun, in his birth city of Algiers. Realising how it made him feel; Hamza knew he has found his calling.

He is self taught and his passion for art has allowed him to develop the skills required to make these paintings. Through his natural talent and experimentation, he always strives to become better. He aims to be the sunshine in the abstract world and share his light with others. Hamza, through his paintings, aims to enlighten us about the fragility of our world. He shows us that even in power and overwhelming beauty there is a delicacy. His work attempts to take us to places that most of us can only dream of exploring; to the bottom of the ocean, the surface of Mars and inside the mind of a creative.

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