Sculpture - The Physical and the Form

This exhibition showcases the talented sculptors of Belgravia Gallery.Often sculpture can be overlooked as the focus of art-buying inevitably centres on empty walls and how to fill them. However, placing three-dimensional art in a room or garden can add great effect; sculpture is versatile, tactile, interesting - and if placed well can be a beautiful addition to a home, office, garden or art collection.In this exhibition we take a look at many different styles and materials of sculpture - from abstract to figurative, human to animal, bronze, to stone and much inbetween.Our artists are masters of their craft and we hope you enjoy the collection.Please let us know if you'd like to arrange a viewing of any of these works, or have questions about commissioning a sculpture.

Sculpture - The Physical and the Form Artwork For Sale

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We take a look at the physical aspect of art – and the many forms this may take. Sculpture brings weight, form, and depth in three-dimensional space.