Nelson Mandela | The Artist

An Exhibition featuring the collection of signed lithographs by Nelson Mandela drawn by him in his 80’s after his release from Robben Island and time as President of South Africa. The show includes the iconic and highly collectible image of Mandela’s right hand, ‘Hand of Africa’.

Nelson Mandela | The Artist Artwork For Sale

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Belgravia Gallery meet Nelson Mandela (Part I)

This short clip gives an introduction to the Belgravia Gallery which is run by mother and daughter duo Anna Hunter and Laura Walford and sets the stage for their morning with Nelson Mandela in 2002.

Belgravia Gallery meet Nelson Mandela (Part 2)

This short clip gives an introduction to the morning Anna Hunter and Laura Walford from Belgravia Gallery met Nelson Mandela in 2002.

Nelson Mandela Artwork Collection

In this clip you can see highlights of the Nelson Mandela artwork collection which can be viewed on our website here.

Nelson Mandela

Anna Hunter discussing the signed lithographs by Nelson Mandela, available through Belgravia Gallery.

Nelson Mandela talks about his lithographs, Robben Island, February 2003

‘When it came to recreating visions of Robben Island, I needed to share this rich experience of culture which to me has a very special meaning. When I initially did the sketches in black chalk the images looked quite bleak.

Full Signing Session video, Nelson Mandela lithographs

October 2012 – Finally, 10 years after this video was filmed by Laura Walford at Nelson Mandela’s home in Johannesburg, we have uploaded the full, hour-long recording with subtitles and it is now available for viewing.

Nelson Mandela lithograph signing session, December 2002

In this 15-minute video, Nelson Mandela can be seen signing his lithographs at his home in Johannesburg.

Nelson Mandela signing session, December 2002 (short clip)

This is a very short clip of a morning session Anna Hunter and Laura Walford had at Nelson Mandela’s home in Johannesburg in December 2002.


Nelson Mandela: The Collection

This brochure contains the full collection of Nelson Mandela signed prints, and rare photographs of him from the 1950s and beyond.

Nelson Mandela – Struggle Series

This brochure shows the first artwork produced by Nelson Mandela, Struggle Series.