Dion Salvador Lloyd

Dion Salvador Lloyd is drawn to the history of natural things, their stories and mysteries. He is driven by this connection with the world around him, using painting as a way of telling us who he is, expressing those elusive things that can’t be put into words.

A British artist born in Brighton 1967, Dion is a self-taught painter with peaks of inspiration and bursts of creativity, working in hotspots and purple patches that gives his work its energy and dynamism.
Well-established and celebrated as a contemporary landscape and seascape painter, Dion's work has developed over the last few years to include what he refers to as his “botanical” and “green works”; more intimate painted studies of delicacy and fragility in nature, where flora and fauna become evocative of shared time and memory. Dion now has a studio that is a space full of light and birdsong, looking out onto the countryside near Lewes. This is soul food for him, creating a more direct relationship between his sources of inspiration and the easel.


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 An Elemental Bond Belgravia Gallery Online Exhibition