Colin Caffell

Sculptor and ceramicist Colin Caffell works in bronze, sculpted ceramics and wheel thrown pottery. Colin developed his skills as a ceramicist at Camberwell School of Art in London, where he was taught by many well-known urban potters such as Ian Godfrey, Colin Pearson, Glenys Barton and Ewen Henderson. Colin Caffell’s works are held in many private collections throughout Europe, Australia, South Africa and the USA. His works have formed parts of many exhibitions throughout the United Kingdom spanning 20 years. Elected as a full member of The Penwith Society of Artists in Cornwall. His design for a Memorial to Cornish Tin Mining was selected by the former mining community of St Just in a public ballot. The completed 7-foot figure now stands in its own memorial garden at the entrance to Geevor Mine, now a Mining World Heritage Museum in Pendeen.Colin produces individual pieces of stoneware pottery which are hand-thrown and inspired by the views, constantly changing light and rugged beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and coastal moorland of West Cornwall. Caffell challenges himself as he experiments with getting his glaze colours to behave in a painterly way and more like pigments. The effects of which, took colin years to develop. “The most recent pieces involve a carefully considered combination of brushed on or inlaid slips, engobes and glazes applied at various stages of production. Different combinations will create different atmospheres”

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