Claire Burbridge

Claire is one of twins born in London in December 1971. She grew up on the west coast of Scotland and in rural Somerset where she attended Wells Cathedral School. On leaving she studied for a BA in Fine Art and History of Art at Magdalen College, Oxford before returning to London to gain a Masters Degree in printmaking at Camberwell College of Art.

From her earliest recollections there was never a time when Claire considered being anything other than an artist. House bound at the age of three with chicken pox Claire drew a self-portrait complete with intricate eyelashes and facial lines-observation far beyond her years.

To describe Claire's style of work is as difficult as trying to define the ocean. Her art has a spontaneity that comes straight from the heart and yet is equally concerned with the minutiae of intricate detail. Claire has an unmistakable style and visual language that is completely her own.

Observations of the endless creativity and form of the natural world are a great source of inspiration. Fascinated close scrutiny of a spider's web, the structure of gills on a mushroom, the reflective quality of fish scales and butterfly wings, a drifting birds feather or a sparkling jewel of sunlight - all have played their part in her work. Everyday situations are transformed. Awareness of singular recurring patterns in the micro and macro-cosmos and sequencing such as the Fibonacci and binary codes inevitably exist subconsciously in the work.

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