Charlotte Aiken

Charlotte’s pieces centre on the notion of infinity, as exemplified by her representations of the sky. Her overpoweringly large-scale pieces allow her to work in an aggressive, physical manner and she prefers to use decorating brushes to apply the paint to accentuate imperfection and texture, recreating an impression of the sky rather than an accurate portrayal. The precise abstract lines running across and interrupting the vastness are symbolic self-representations, inspired by electricity wires running through the sky.

"I respond to my current state of mind and view of the world around me, through the medium of paint. The start and finish of my work is bracketed by my observations, and the contradictions that are brought by the ever-changing atmosphere.
I am interested in the notions and the conceptual meaning of the sublime, and how that can be appropriated and understood in the context of current culture, which is driven by a digital and virtual era.

These are executed in acrylic paint, that allows for quick rendition, texture and imperfection. I use decorating brushes to create large marks and gestures that accentuate the paintings’ imperfection and texture. The movement of swiping the decorating brushes in a quick and forceful manner is a vital part of the process as it allows me to work quickly, simplifying and abstracting the original source of information. The end product battles between a sense of clarity and incompleteness."

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