Alisa Gibet

Alisa Gibet, born in 1979 -currently lives and works in Latvia. Alisa Gibet received classical art education at the State Academic College of Arts named after B.V. Ioganson, at the St.Petersburg Repin Art Academy and at Professor M.M. Devyatov’s studio. She has exhibited successfully in Russia, Germany, China, Holland, Greece and Great Britain.

Favourite artists like Rubens, Zorn, Klimt, Sargent, Monet and Degas, determined a set of topics and images, which are of influence to her style. The artist says: “I’m very attracted by the sculptural qualities of the human body; at the same time, I want to express the emotions of the model and the intimacy and tenderness of the moment”.

The artist’s favourite topic is a nude model. Every female body is unique and Alisa Gibet tries to find the secret sense and the mystery of each model. She is looking for a personal interpretation and persistently mingles fantasy and reality, in an eternal dialogue.

Her creative means are the use of vivid colours, a lively impressionist style and classical design. With mirrors and three-quarter turns of the body viewed from behind she creates space. The faces are partly covered, while the artist avoids any specific image. It is not the personality, which is important – but the romantic image of the proud, wise and wonderful “goddess” in her essence. At the same time, it is a common flesh and blood girl, combing her hair, resting or languishing in sweet bliss, tempting and submitting, intimate and distant.

Gibet highlights the beauty and shape of the female body with blurred backgrounds on the one hand, and clear lines and details of the main subject on the other hand, drawing the attention of the viewer.

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