LOVE Poem, Wherefore the Punctuation of the Heart

Size:76 x 65.5 cm

Medium:Signed Limited Edition Lithograph Print with Letterpress


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Wherefore the punctuation of the heart When that slim prim agape LOVE LOVE Encomma’d in uncertainty, Is neither LOVE; Haltered in some Philistine design; Nor LOVE: Encumbered in even deeper discelebration: Let not LOVE Staggered stumble unrequitingly/ Quite not LOVE Shackled in measured irony — Should not be LOVE (Buttressed incarceration) But must not LOVE Hated anagram of death. Instead quoth LOVE Not “nevermore” for “evermore”.

This Love Poem is signed and numbered by Robert Indiana in pencil and was produced alongside the 12 colourways of the LOVE lithographs.