Yellow River

Size:40 x 32inches

Medium:Oil on Canvas


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The simple geometry of his paintings encode form, colour and vision which jolts us from the every day, and transports us to evocative memories that warm the senses.

I have always been inspired by the beauty of landscapes. In St.Pbg we are deprived of sun for most of the year, I yearn for the strong shadows of the sun and great heat. My paintings are always landscapes and buildings: the world that man has created. I paint from life and have been lucky to travel and paint in hotter countries where I would love to live a part of my life. I have been strongly influenced by cubism so my paintings are distinguished by this style which lends itself to the strong shadows of the heat in my paintings and the contrasts with the natural shape of nature, the landscape surrounding/shaping & the buildings/man-made structures in this beautiful world of ours.

(b.1957) Nikolai Romanov has developed his own recognizable style, based on the rhythmic organization of the canvas, subtle play of textures and complex colour solutions. His distinctive cubist-style land and townscapes have enthralled audiences all over the world with their gem-like colour and fanciful stylization.

As a long-standing member of the Union of Russian Artists, a graduate of the art college of V.A. Serov & The Repin Academic Institute of Fine Arts – Romanov’s works have generated a highlight to group shows and provided an immersive colour experience when displayed in solo exhibits. Since 1985 the art of Nikolai Romanov has been seen in over 300 exhibitions in places such as Portugal, Russia, Germany, France, Greece, China & the United Kingdom, allowing the artist to become one of the brightest and most sought-after representatives of the St. Petersburg school of painting.