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Mandela & Mackesy Collaboration

Nelson Mandela & Charlie Mackesy Collaboration Series – Unity : Future

Size:59.4 cm x 42 cm (unframed)

Medium:Limited Edition Lithograph. Available Only as part of the set of 6

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About This Work

Only available as part of the set of 6 Unity prints. The set includes all six images in this collaboration. Only one set available.

The Unity Series is a collaboration between Nelson Mandela and invited contemporary artists, chosen from around the world. Charlie Mackesy was one of those chosen and was given a set of the six prints from the ‘Struggle Series’ whereon he created, in his own style and medium, an interpretation of what Nelson Mandela meant to him.

“It has been very hard to add anything to these powerful symbols Nelson Mandela has drawn. Where possible, I have tried to make tender drawings. I think I’ve just wanted to underscore the emotion that is already there and it’s a privilege to share the same paper.”
Charlie Mackesy