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Jurgen Schadeberg

Reaching The Light Bamboo

Size:90 x 60 cm

Medium:Acrylic on Paper


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About This Work

This piece is from a series of paintings by Hamza Hamadouche titled “Stand up like a bamboo”, of which Hamza uses the strength of the bamboo as a means of inspiration to succeed.

“The bold and vibrant colours make the paintings full of energy. The cane shapes are dense and sturdy giving depth and structure; they stand tall and strong inspiring courage to any onlooker.

Bamboo, with innocent and humble origins, emerges into a powerful and dominating formation, giving us strength. The roundness of the stems gives movement and flexibility, teasing us with just a hint of those famous bamboo nodes.

The paintings are vigorous with lush hues, yet display a distinct calm and tranquil oriental feeling.”

In this unique series, Hamza has used an array of vibrant colours to create work that is both simple and delicate yet strong and powerful – much like the bamboo plant. Translucent golds glimmer alongside cobalt blue. Turquoise, reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea, sits beautifully alongside yellow that is as vibrant as a field of corn. These works are a joy to view, uplifting and full of energy.