Size:(H)71.5 x (W)56 x (D)24 cm

Medium:Carrara Marble, Statuario

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Thomson’s latest sculpture explores the idea of making something stable, when it has previously been in a state of unstableness. Carved in statuary marble with ‘flame- like’ shadows, Becoming weighs in at 30KG and stands at 80cm including its base.

In a statement regarding this artwork, Thomson writes:
‘Despite Heraclitus being described as “the weeping philosopher” I couldn’t help but latch onto what seemed to me as being the optimistic side of his philosophy. It struck me that unless we are perfect humans, permanent stasis cannot be a desirable condition. Furthermore, if change is both unavoidable and rest promoting, then we should welcome it as the vehicle by which we become better, more peaceful and wiser individuals. A drastic change, a transformation for the better is what so many people desire.
These are the kind of things I was thinking when I made my sculpture “Becoming”.’