Motherlands I

Size:190 x 400 cm

Medium:Foam Board with Acrylic and Gesso on Canvas


Additional Information

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This piece comprises three canvases (it is a Triptych) and the price quoted above is inclusive for the three panels. It is a powerful depiction of war and the devastation left when the bombing ceases and the wreckage is left behind.

“Motherlands reflects the scenes that we witness daily as reported by the media. Twisted steel cabling amid the rubble of concrete where once stood homes and communities creates an abstracted and disturbing aesthetic. On close inspection one can pick out clearly the remnants of individual homes—walls are torn, staircases ripped out—but as one steps back the image dissolves into abstraction and a stillness ripples across the canvas. We are witness to a ‘ceasefire’; a moment frozen in time where there are neither survivors nor people left to fight.” (Jenny Blyth, Curator – Louise T Blouin Institute, 2007).