Medium:Oil on Canvas


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Garry Raymond-Pereira first captured the art buying public’s attention with his oil paintings of waves and sand dunes along the Norfolk coast, an area he has had a strong connection with ever since he spent his childhood holidays at the seaside town of Caister-On-Sea. He has since expanded his repertoire to embrace panoramic views of the Thames and the mountains of North Wales – and small studies of deckchairs.

Whether one of his small, directly rendered location studies or larger studio canvases, all Pereira’s paintings start with him making studies in oil outside, on location. He resists the temptation to work from photographs because he feels a photograph is never true to what he has seen and doesn’t capture the colours accurately, choosing instead to spend the day at the coast (or, say, on the bank of the Thames or looking towards the rugged slopes of Cader Idris) creating a series of oil studies, which he takes back to his studio and often works up into larger canvasses.