Equanimity (Lenticular) (2008)

In 2004, Chris Levine was commissioned to commemorate the Isle of Jersey’s 800th year of allegiance to the crown in a holographic portrait, a process that involved an extraordinary technological array: a high-resolution digital camera which moved along a rail taking 200 images over eight seconds, a 3-D data scanner and a medium format camera which he could use, if necessary, to capture information he could texture-map onto the 3-D data sets.

Two sittings took place with Her Majesty where she was required to sit still for 8 seconds at a time. To create a three-dimensional portrait, over 10,000 images were made. Equanimity was the first holographic portrait of the Queen.

In June 2012, Chris Levine’s Equanimity was chosen as the cover of TIME magazine.

SHEET SIZE – 44 X 66.5 CM

signed CL ’08 bottom RHS in red ink.3-dimensional lenticular print.

Additional Information

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Increasingly rare, this contemporary portrait of Queen Elizabeth II has become one of the most recognisable and highly collectible images of the twentieth century.

This piece has slight scuff marks and is therefore deemed as ‘not in mint condition’. Please contact the gallery for information.