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Charlotte Aiken

The world paused but the clouds kept rolling by

Surrey based artist, Charlotte Aiken, responds to her surroundings through the medium of paint. Her work plays on the notion of infinity, as exemplified by the representation of the sky. Working on a large scale allows her to capture the space and sublimity that nature provides and is so easily overlooked, providing a different perspective.
Charlotte graduated from the Sir John CASS School of Art in 2017 and went on to win The Graduate Art Prize, ARTIQ. She had a solo show at The Cranleigh Arts Centre after completing a nine-month residency at Hurtwood House School.

“I respond to my current state of mind and view of the world around me, through the medium of paint. This is facilitated through the notion of infinity, as exemplified by the representation of the sky. I relate to today’s world by portraying man made materialistic structures interrupting the sublime. The content of the paintings is informed by the physical layering of paint that forms the final image.”

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About This Work

Acrylic and oil on canvas
150 x 100cm

This painting was completed during lock down. I found solace in the untouchable sky and comfort in its ability to resume and repair. People all over world have had to stop, and in many ways, this has given us a chance to acknowledge the damage we have inflicted on our planet. Often, we are too caught up in our own busy lives to pause and look up at the clouds.