Belgravia Gallery is the showcase for work by truly outstanding British based and international artists and people of renown, including Nelson Mandela and HRH The Prince of Wales, Pop Artists such as Andy Warhol and Sir Peter Blake, and works by Jan Coutts, Maria Filopoulou, John Illsley and Monroe Hodder.

Featured this week: British Sculptor | Ian Thomson

“When I sculpt, like any fine artist, I am primarily concerned with beauty. As Maritain the French philosopher said, beauty is both subjective and objective. Although all things can contain beauty, just as all things can be said to have something good in them, beauty is also defined by proportion, integrity and clarity which seem to be universal qualities.”

Thomson’s sculptures beckon us to use more than the sense of sight. Smooth and mesmerizing curvatures flow into one another to bring us continuous perspectives of each piece.  Three additional works now feature in the collection of which Thomson has sculpted by hand.

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