Sophie Louise White

About Sophie Louise White


From an early age, Sophie discovered an aptitude for using visual art to communicate and record a connection to her surroundings influenced by her childhood growing up on a small farm in Kent, where her family reared birds for game shoots. Sophie took an early fascination and hands on approach to rearing more specialist rare breeds including chickens, peacocks and rears herself, the more elaborate and beautiful the plumage the better.
Sophie mainly sculpts British Wildlife, though birds remain a focal point for returning to study. She says of birds “I am fascinated by their characteristics and individual beauty, I still have a deep rooted love of birds, perhaps because of the connotation to my childhood which elicits that sense of calm, security, fascination and wonder.”
Sophie gained a First Class Honours degree in Figurative Sculpture from London’s University of The Arts, before gaining a residency in a Bronze Foundry where she learned her craft. Still a young artist, she has since developed a highly collectible body of work in the form of bronze sculpture with a signature gestural style of elegant lines and aesthetically balanced form, depicting both the movement and emotion of her subjects both beautifully and sympathetically.
She sculpts in clay, soft wax and occasionally carves from plaster, before casting her work in bronze or silver using the ancient lost wax method with a confident handling of materials. She finishes her work with rich and varied patinas chosen to compliment the natural bird or other animal, creating smooth and tactile surfaces.
Sophie Louise White lives and works in rural Hampshire.