Charlie Mackesy

About Charlie Mackesy


''I was born and bred in Northumberland in 1962, and spent most of my time running about the hills with sheep. I began drawing in the early 1980s in London. I didn't study art but just kept busy - working as a cartoonist for the Spectator magazine, as an illustrator for Oxford University Press, drawing ads for the daily papers and doing poster designs for delights such as Cockspur Rum.

My first show was in a pub in 1984. I've since been lucky or blessed enough to work with galleries in Edinburgh, New York and London and am continuing to do so. The most recent show was here with the Belgravia Gallery alongside Nelson Mandela...

The drawings and paintings on this site are in no particular meaningful order - and are randomly picked, but you may notice certain definite themes. It seems, in retrospect, I find an issue which I work through - such as the Prodigal Son and Daughter, which can take two or three years to complete--making drawings paintings and bronze sculptures of the subject--until somehow it's over and I can move on. There are clear and obvious sections--the jazz, the angels and musicians, the prodigals; but interspersed between all of these are random studies of life--such as of people I know, friends, and cafes which are unspecific in their intentions of theme but to me are as valid.


I am cautious to explain what I think the work is saying for fear of taking away from you something you have seen and I have not. I could conclude by saying that life is precious and faith is a journey and sometimes art can give a small glimpse of these moments seen, and unseen. I think GK Chesterton put it better-- 'At the back of our brains is a blaze of astonishment at our own existence. The object of the artistic and spiritual life is to dig for this sunrise of wonder’. Thank you for looking.”              

Charlie Mackesy, February 2004.